Pernod Ricard/Martell Cognac

As agency of record for over a decade, TBA has worked closely with Pernod Ricard USA/Martell Cognac to create brand alchemy symbolic of the individuality, craftsmanship and quality of its heritage and loyal affinity among its core consumers while attracting and expanding untapped market segments.

As Cognac sales experienced rapid decline, the challenge presented to The Britto Agency was to reinvigorate the category, build a future consumption base, guide the brand programing, pursue higher margin sales and build a more sophisticated and modern expression while preserving the brand legacy. The solution was to engineer revolutionary campaigns that led Martell Cognac to launch new marks, expand its global portfolio, evolve its unique vision and heritage and become the first sprit to embrace and align their corporate identity with a philanthropic mission.

TBA launched the celebrated advertising campaign "Rise Above", and conceived "The Rise Above Awards," The industry pioneering "Discover Noblige" Philanthropic initiative and the conception and execution of two of the most memorable and historic media junkets in the history of the spirits industry yielding more lifestyle media impressions than any other cognac to date. Under our watchful eye new marks were unveiled and a new bottle design was launched for "Noblige." All of this worked in conjunction to strengthen the brand legacy while differentiating it from similar marks in the cognac category.

The brand saw a dramatic increase in distribution and a triple increase in new retail accounts throughout the US.

Our firm established increased brand relevance amongst target demographics and penetrated new untapped consumer bases as we broadened the client's roots within the growing Asian marketplace. Martell saw a 22% increase in sales volume within specific on and off premise accounts. The brand saw an increase in media impressions thus becoming the dominant cognac regularly featured and included in lifestyle profiles, and experienced a newly adopted soaring relevance never before garnered throughout it's history.

Today, Martell Cognac is considered the definitive cognac, and our marketing and communications expertise helped to shepherd and achieve this pristine status.

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