The Britto Agency was retained to elevate Motorola's position as a leading telecommunications giant, launching the wildly successful 2 Way Pager communications device. TBA led Motorola to an expanded portfolio beyond its core discipline and enlarged footprint to industries that directly influenced consumers from media and fashion to entertainment and philanthropy. A wildly successful brand adoption and influencer engagement imprint was launched translating such affinity into a springboard for the 2 Way Pager to become one of the most celebrated launches in modern day communicative history. Our agency created a cause marketing platform entitled "Winter Wonderland" that would go on to become an annual staple yielding billions of media impressions, increasing goodwill and sound corporate standing.

The 2 Way Pager was revolutionary and noted as one of the most successful electronic launches in recent history as it became the most widely adorned communications device of its era. Imploring a grassroots campaign approach, TBA launched one of the most successful targeted product placement models on record, which sparked adoption thus securing its place in the widely coveted urban segment whose power and influence affect global spending patterns.

The trickle-down media effect further promoted the 2 Way Pager's widespread exposure helping the company reach an impressive 5 continents in nine months.

The gravity of the campaign led to a peerless slate of media coverage from prominent placement in magazines to ongoing placement in global media outlets.

TBA enhanced consumer/retailer relationships creating successful strategic alliances. TBA also created a significant increase in global awareness as well as a positive impact on intent to purchase while bridging an intimate brand connection within this market segment.

Brand positioning / Messaging / Advertising / Event design / Identity / Labeling / Product Graphics / Environment / Philanthropic Development