Magic Johnson Entreprises (MJE)

The Britto Agency has proudly worked with Magic Johnson Enterprises (MJE) in an effort to synchronize corporate partnerships and launch announcements while delivering one harmonious brand profile.

TBA engineered targeted marketing and corporate communications campaigns as well as conceived and implemented event design concepts that mirrored the fertile offerings and dynamic convergence of the burgeoning MJE empire.

To ensure a consistent conveyance of deliverables, TBA immerses itself in the complex world of MJE to effectively ascertain the client's impressive business objectives and desired positioning. The Britto Agency then employed a uniquely customized approach that ensured exponential portfolio successes. By aligning our team of experts with the values of the core brand, we were able to provide a focused creative brand footprint by which we created and executed campaign objectives that lead to the celebrated realization of the brand and experiential engagement.

TBA created multi-tiered communications and marketing strategies and delivered targeted effective national campaigns, while employing dependable vendors and forums that would further differentiate MJE during its momentous launch. Furthermore, The Britto Agency enhanced productivity potential and task satisfaction through the cross-utilization of TBA and MJE related strengths assigned to ignite various project objectives. Our experts facilitated the development and collection of unique metrics to identify workload drivers, objectively measure performance, and improve core brand messaging. MJE supports TBA's ideology of creating a well-balanced brand experience. We work closely to systematically deepen the brand's relationships with the most relevant voices across key business disciplines, while engaging media across all channels from traditional print and broadcast to digital media platforms. TBA has continually secured major print and broadcast features that drive transactions and further cements Magic Johnson Enterprises at the center of influence.

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