Mariah Carey

The Biggest Comeback in Music History...

The Britto Agency was selected to engineer a blueprint for singer, Mariah Carey, that would reignite the career of one of the world's most treasured voices helping to recapture the superstar's place atop music charts and within consumers' hearts enabling Mariah to claim ownership to the biggest comeback in the history of music.

The Britto Agency designed a peerless transformative campaign dubbed "The Return of the Voice" to revitalize the brand equity of one of music's most prized icons. Beyond the revitalization of her brand identity, TBA crafted the persuasive language that would later be used as a platform for clarity, influencing the communication with her loyal fan base. TBA shaped the redefinition of her style by engaging artisans that would enhance, magnify and extract the artist's own unique aesthetic. TBA crafted a laser-focused communications campaign for a segment that had previously been largely ignored. Our efforts resulted in a pervasive brand restructuring, which included a new promise for Mariah to reclaim her stature as a global music superstar. The result was an adoptive campaign that garnered an astronomical 5.7 billion impressions further igniting a long list of first-time accomplishments ranging from multiple first time magazine covers, to receiving best-dressed honors in revered fashion roundups.

The Britto Agency engineered all elements of the pioneering blueprint for success including her unprecedented historic comeback performance on Good Morning America shutting down Times Square in New York City. Mariah was introduced to TBA production partner and filmmaker, Lee Daniels, paving the way to acquiring coveted starring roles in the feature films "Tennessee" and the critically acclaimed film "Precious," which led to her attendance at the Academy Awards. This resurgence amplified her appeal to Corporate America, further propelling her forward towards the procurement of first-time endorsement deals with venerated brands such as Pepsi, Venus Razors and Elizabeth Arden, as well as the introduction of her own jewelry line with Claire's.

The "Return of the Voice" campaign allowed Mariah Carey to claim ownership of having the biggest comeback in the history of music and our seamlessly executed brand blueprint is one that global artists at all levels of their career would zealously seek to duplicate.

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