Lee Daniels Entertainment


Lee Daniels Entertainment partnered with The Britto Agency to raise capital and launch the company as the premier independent film house, while driving consumer awareness for its various slate of film projects.

The Britto Agency successfully and consistently positioned LDE and Lee Daniels as an edgy filmmaker in top trade, entertainment, business, film, print and broadcast media outlets. TBA CEO Marvet Britto served as Executive Producer, bringing key talent and funding to LDE projects.

With the assistance of TBA, Daniels was widely recognized for being a visionary in such superlative lists as The New York Times "Top 50 Men in Business." On the consumer front early in Daniel's career, TBA masterfully landed key editorial placement to steer perception and introduce consumers to his provocative filmmaking style.

TBA worked closely with the film auteur, on critically acclaimed films such as "Monsters Ball," "Shadowboxer," "The Woodsman" and "Precious." From making key introductions, to raising crucial capital, to guiding the casting process, to designing and executing colorful communications and successful marketing strategies. TBA sculpted the perception of Daniels as an iconic filmmaker who would go on to become the spinal cord for edgy filmmaking and achieve unimaginable global success and acclaim.

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