Hill Harper - New York Times-Bestselling Author


The Britto Agency has served as a trusted partner for the establishment of the Hill Harper brand globally. Our focus was to build Harper's name recognition and overall equity, while bringing to fruition Harper's deeply-rooted aspiration to pen a book targeting the underserved market of African-American men.

Due to the ingrained notion among publishing houses that the demographic he hoped to reach would not support a book by a little-known first time author, Harper faced repeated rejection. TBA was faced with an insurmountable task, but reached into its seasoned well of marketing and branding insights and arsenal of persuasive tactics in an effort to shift perception.

The Britto Agency crafted a winning marketing and communications plan, secured a reputable book agent, and subsequently landed Harper a multiple book deal.. "Letters to a Young Brother," Harper's first of four award winning books, was the result. While in development, TBA strategically positioned Harper as an advocate for the voiceless for which he subsequently became a dominant speaker on panels, gatherings and forums that addressed issues that plagued young people.

These platforms generated awareness, which lead to the beginnings of a loyal fan base of what would later become staunch supporters of Hill Harper's first New York Times Bestseller. Our unrivaled and peerless approach to marketing "Letters to a Young Brother" allowed the book to achieve increased visibility and garner a vast global audience catapulting Harper and deepening his equity as an award winning actor and credible author. TBA conceived the naming of Harper's MANifest Your Destiny Foundation, which is dedicated to empowering, encouraging, and inspiring underserved males.

Due to The Britto Agency's mash culture anthropology, "Letters to a Young Brother" was eagerly anticipated and sold an unprecedented amount of copies in pre-sale. Our firm's high impact media campaign landed Harper premium spots on national talk shows and positioned his work on the covers of a multitude of top-tier publications.

Harper went on to win the prestigious NAACP Image Award for "Outstanding Literary Work by a Debut Author," and "Outstanding Literary Work for Youth/Teens." The Britto Agency assisted Harper in achieving each of his objectives allowing his brand to culminate into a global presence as a celebrated author, a riveting in-demand speaker and an advocate for the underserved.

To date, Harper has written four New York Times bestselling books "Letters to a Young Brother," "Letters to a Young Sister", "The Conversation" and the Wealth Cure -- all spearheaded by The Britto Agency's peerless media and branding solutions. The success of Harper's book became the guiding blueprint, and model for authors aspiring to achieve similar literary success.

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