Governor David Paterson

The Britto Agency was enlisted to craft an exit strategy to realign David Paterson, the first African American Governor for the State of New York, from his reign in public office back to his life as a private citizen and restore the respect and reverence lost during his turbulent tenure in Office.

The Britto Agency crafted and implemented a media rich program that employed targeted communications strategies, partnership development and special event participation. TBA planted seeds for relationship development and secured key media profiles that amplified the success of his legislative scorecard. The Britto Agency created a high-impact repositioning campaign symbolic of his historic place in history as the first African American Governor of the State of New York and only the 4th African American governor in US history. The Britto Agency sought out and created opportunities within the unique nexus of public and private sectors for the Governor to interact with constituents and foster alliances, which allowed his agenda and core values to be heard.

TBA negotiated the explicit details and spearheaded the Governor's memorable appearance on Saturday Night Live, while simultaneously securing a book deal to recount and chronicle his decorated term.

Our diversification of his participation in prominent events consequently led to the shifting of the media focus and awareness of the Governor illuminating his longtime commitment to public service and his fearless advocacy of social injustice worldwide.

The Britto Agency shifted the winds of perception setting the stage for Paterson to depart the New York Governor's Office with continued dignity and respect. TBA cultivated and amassed a chorus of community support fostering an aurora surrounding the renewed profile of the Governor, which provided him the opportunity to rebound, and successfully depart the Governor's Office to embark on the next phase of his storied career.

Crisis Communications / Brand Messaging / Repositioning