Gary Sheffield

From the onset of his career, it was evident that the largely misunderstood star outfielder, molded by personal challenges and adversity, faced an uphill battle contending with the public's perception of his disposition both on and off the field. The Britto Agency was tasked with reshaping Sheffield's perceived standing as a combative athlete, to one more conducive to that of an All-Star baseball player with the potential of being remembered as "one of the greatest in the league." Our goal was to shift the focus from the distractions occurring within his personal life that threatened to overshadow his endless athletic achievements.

The Britto Agency tailored a blueprint inclusive of lifestyle management and brand repositioning. Our firm magnified Sheffield's strengths as an All-Star by providing extensive media training, instilling self-confidence on the circuit and generating supporting narratives allowing his opinionated candor to be perceived as a voice of influence and a sign of authoritative expertise rather than one of controversy and contention. TBA administered the meticulous implementation of strategic initiatives and fostering of key relationships that elevated the "Sheffield" brand as a dominant, bankable force. The transition fueled a renewed bond with media, fans, and sponsors, who now understood his candor to be emblematic of a passionate player they could admire, respect and adore.

A shift in lifestyle management led to an image refinement and the enrichment of life both on and off the field, positioning him for career longevity.

Sheffield went on to enjoy a career many thought would be short lived, to one that spanned over 25 years. His signature style of play paved the way for him to become one of the most celebrated, outspoken, and philanthropic players in Major League Baseball history.

The Britto Agency conceived and launched The Gary Sheffield Foundation (GSF), whose primary focus was to invest in the spiritual and personal growth and well being of disenfranchised youth. GSF developed philanthropic affiliations that continued throughout his career. TBA also secured a book deal chronicling Sheffield's journey. Crown Publishing Group released Sheffield's biography, "Inside Power," in April 2007. The development of pivotal relationships spawned from initial seed planting allowed the star to transition seamlessly from celebrated baseball star to an enterprising businessman.

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