DasNet Corporation (DasNet), one of the world's leading telecommunications engineering firms, selected The Britto Agency their as Agency of Record, after an extensive worldwide search for suitable branding firms, to undertake its principle corporate directive to enter previously uncharted terrain and transform the clandestine government engineering firm's image to one more reflective of its innovative design and engineering competence.

The Britto Agency took on an immediate commitment to adhere to the board's absolute policies, as we sought to positively influence executive and employee compliance with approved archetype shifts. TBA orchestrated DasNet's logo redesign, avatar creation and redevelopment of its corporate web presence. We also conceptualized multi-media techniques in support of the client's Worldwide Command, Control, Communications, Computers, & Intelligence (C4I) Support Services consisting of rebranding its corporate presence for its offices in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Korea and throughout the United States.

We expertly blended the diverse cultural observations of each nation to introduce a new branding strategy. TBA also created an e-portal environment that allowed DasNet engineers to be creative and interactive with the military. TBA redesigned DasNet's marketing and business development strategies to ensure compliance with bid solicitations, hosted branding events, launch parties, and think tanks for DasNet's clients and vendors, as well as conducted comprehensive training of DasNet's staff to take full advantage of its new global branded image.

Iconography / Brand Guide / Employee Education / Communications / Business Collateral, Identity / Graphic Standards / Naming