Branding a country with a proprietary language...

The Island of Anguilla sought our branding insights and retained TBA as Agency of Record to work alongside the Government to reenergize the destination and ignite global interest in their tourism product. They sought a differentiated and flexible identity system that was modern and reflected the core values of the destination.

TBA designed a robust brand language that is adaptable and immediately recognizable. The branding elements celebrate the rich heritage, pride and vivacious sprit of the Anguillan people. Nearly every business metric has been impacted including brand saliency, visitor count and dollars spent- a critical factor for a country that derives the majority of its gross domestic product from various tourism sectors.

Collateral and creative identity was conceived to reflect the island's peerless position and stature as one of the world's most coveted Caribbean destinations. Progressive and non-traditional marketing and communications campaigns were implemented resulting in an immediate uptick in media attention, visitor arrivals and an overall increased awareness of the destination.

Brand Architecture / Business Collateral / Digital Brand Architects / Event Design / Environment / Messaging / Promotional Items / Printed Materials