Alpine Creative Group

The Britto Agency has been Alpine Creative Group's agency of record for over 18 years. TBA concieved a brand imprint and created multiple large-scale initiatives and cross-category collaborations positioning Alpine as the world's premire high-end design house and leader of a rapidly growing category. We were keen on leveraging the power of design across all aspects of business thus establishing and sustaining Alpine's unique competetive advantage.

Elevating the many dimensions of design, TBA conceived a Brand Architecture blueprint for Alpine Creative Group that communicated their mission of demonstrating how design can propel business objectives and capture milestones. With the ideals of innovation and quality as constants, Alpine realized there was an opportunity to fuse memorable concepts into everyday design needs. Coupled with their desire to transform the design sector, a consistent brand story was born that positioned Alpine as a collective of artisans delivering winning cutting-edge design concepts.

We were charged with a specific mandate to introduce marketing and brand partnerships that would align the group with key adopters allowing Alpine to converge with partners and platforms that evoked their shared penchant of progressive design and style.

And so our team collaborated to conceive an identity system to avow Alpine Creative Group's presence as the premier design house.

TBA's handprint has yielded a significant ROI by way of increased sales, global exposure and amassed elite clientele spanning a myriad of industries. Under our watchful eye our equity building ideation has fueled the brand's increased growth, sparked global interest, accrued a stellar client list, launched flagship stores in LA and Miami and garnered celebrated industry and trade acclaim by way of Alpine being named the winner of five nationally recognized design awards.

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